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Barrydale is a unique and special place to be visited all year round. Situated on Route 62 in the Overberg region of Western Cape, it is to be found nestled between two extremes of the Tradouw Valley and the Klein Karoo.  This lovely Karoo village still retains the timeless countryside charm where the heart of its people will welcome you. Old-time residents and new-comers from all over the world give special charm to Barrydale.


General Information

Nature lovers will enjoy the spectacular mountains and avid hikers have a wide choice of pathways and trails to follow across hills and through farmlands and orchards. For the more adventurous – there are climbs in the foothills of the Langeberg mountains.

The scenic Tradouw Pass is a spectacular site, where the majestic geological features, the fascinating fynbos and the abundant birdlife can be admired while swimming in the shallow pools of the river.  

Barrydale offers a whole range of accommodation options ranging from Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses to Self-catering villas.


If it were at all possible one might think they could smell Barrydale before seeing it!  The R62 travels directly through this delicious mélange of restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries.  Road-trippers will feel the urge to stop immediately after seeing the colourful and unique features of each establishment. Go wine tasting at one of Barrydale's many wineries. The area is known for its Pinotage wines, so be sure to try some while you're here!

Top 10 hidden gems in Barrydale for solo travelers


  • Exploring Nature Trails: Nature trails around Barrydale provide solitude amidst untouched beauty. Trails like the Khoisan Trail offer panoramic views and serene moments for hikers seeking tranquility.


  • Adventure Activities: For adrenaline seekers, Barrydale offers thrilling experiences, from zip-lining to rock climbing, pushing solo travelers to conquer fears and embrace the wild.


  • Cultural Attractions: Barrydale's cultural heritage comes alive through art galleries like Studio 62 and community-run exhibitions, offering insights into local craftsmanship and contemporary art.


  • Culinary Delights: Food enthusiasts can indulge in local flavors at cafes and farm-to-table restaurants, savoring homemade pies, handcrafted cheese platters, and traditional South African dishes.


  • Community Engagements: Engaging with the local community enhances the solo traveler's experience, providing opportunities for shared experiences like hiking groups, pottery workshops, and cooking classes.


  • Accommodation Recommendations: Boutique B&Bs offer not just comfort but a sense of community for solo travelers, with hosts often serving as guides to hidden gems and fostering connections among guests.


  • Safety Tips & Guidelines: Prioritizing safety is crucial for solo travelers, including informing others of your itinerary, carrying essential supplies, staying aware of your surroundings, and seeking local guidance for safe exploration.


  • Transportation Options: Exploring Route 62 can be done by traditional rental cars, bicycles, motorcycles, or hop-on-hop-off buses, each offering unique experiences and opportunities for connection.


Barrydale has a thriving business community centering around the tourism industry and provides a good range of products and services to its residents and holiday makers. Our Business Directory provides a list of advertisers.

We have a dedicated Events page for the towns up and coming get-togethers not to be missed out on.  Articles centred around Barrydale are a must-read, including Barrydale Attractions.

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Barrydale is listed in the Cape Town to Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) Route Magazine range which features all the great things about the town, dedicated to the tourism market.
See more on their website or view the Ezine copy.


Barrydale Info

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